Diving Into the Success of Property Marketing

Marketing A Real-Estate Business Without Burning Through A Budget

In today’s world, if you want to survive, much less thrive, you need to have a strong digital presence. This is especially true with any industry or niche that involves a large scale purchase. Our group has split tested much of the marketing tactics that many real-estate agents in Costa Rica exercise on a daily basis. When we asked around and research online, we saw that all of the successful agencies had a strong digital presence. Whether it’d be engaging Instagram posts or high-ranking websites, these agencies knew how to adjust their marketing strategies for the 21st century. Since the Internet (for the most part) allows all home buyers to interact with brokers through media platforms like Facebook, every real-estate company in the world can benefit from digital optimization.

Recent studies have shown that anywhere from 60-80% of all purchase decisions involved online research at some point, and in many cases, the final sale might even have taken place online. When you’re looking at something like buying a house, a commercial building, or a group of apartments, you’re almost certainly going to do extensive online research before moving on to meeting with agencies directly.

If you’re a real estate agency this should make one thing really obvious right off the bat: search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial to your long-term success. Having an online presence with a good website and decent social media accounts isn’t enough. Having the prettiest website and the strongest social media presence, it doesn’t do any good if no one can find you. Properly optimizing a real estate website can make the difference between struggling to get a tiny trickle of traffic or being the #1 local choice when it comes to people looking for an agency to help them purchase a house.

Why SEO Is Worth It
Usually, when you’re in an industry that has a very high-profit potential, there’s some common optimization presence. However, many real estate agencies build their listings and websites by an old commonly used format with no SEO work at all – leaving plenty of room in many local areas for a company to shoot up the rankings and even into the coveted top three local results spots.

That is a massive leg up on the competition; it can help you get your agency’s name out not only to people looking to move out of the area but also those who need to buy a property to move in but don’t know who to work with.

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Buyers Go Online
Depending on which studies you believe, up to 80% of all major purchases involve online research at some point; for younger buyers that number can easily swell up to the mid to high 90’s. If you are on top of the search engine rankings, then you are the first one to get a shot at those potential buyers.

If you’re not on the first page of the search results at all (or at the very bottom) then there’s a good chance those potential buyers and sellers will never consider you at all. That leads to a loss in potential revenue; it leaves you in a tough fight with other real estate agencies who don’t use SEO fighting over the scraps of what’s left.

There’s no question that online presence is an absolute necessity in today’s business world and by investing strongly in moving up Google’s rankings you will be amazed at how much that causes the business to expand and opens up new opportunities for everyone involved. If you are interested in taking your businesses up the ranks of Google, check out top-tier search engine optimization agencies. They will audit and tweak your real-estate’s online platforms at an affordable cost.