Types of People in an Animation Studio

Types of People in an Animation Studio

The animation is a fascinating industry and a lot of people are interested in knowing about the people making it so popular. There isn’t only one person who is behind an entire animation studio. There are more people and everyone is different from each other in terms of their work.  Apart from the normal marketing, HR and the financial roles, there are other important roles in an animation studio as well. Some of the other important people are

Producer and Production Assistants

The producers are the studio’s real boss. They are the ones who take care of the budget, scheduling, sourcing of the materials, software,and hardware and take care of the project so that they are creatively and efficiently developed. They are the ones who will have to negotiate with the investors and the broadcasters while working out the budget. A good producer is the one who gets all the work done within the required time. This includes completing the project on schedule, within the allotted budget and allowing the directors and the designers to have their freedom and creativity.


Direct is also one of the most important positions in animation. They are the leaders who see the visual, design and the narrative designs as well. They are involved in all the important works of the project such as the script writing and the story boarding. They are the one to hold authority over the entire developing of the project.

production team

Creative Director

In small studios, all the works are done by the director itself. However, in studios which are larger, there are directors, animation director or the creative director. They all work together to ensure the project scheduling and proper budget requirements which are demanded by the production team. They also ensure that the level of quality, style and the technical aspects are also met. They are also responsible for the sourcing, casting and the creation of the animation terms and also encouraging consistent and quality products out of them.


Animation requires creativity. Without creativity, the animation would not have the required impact on the audience. This creativity is bought by the scriptwriter to the animation team. The scriptwriters and editors work along with the directors and the clients during the production phase.


It is because of this that an animation studio can be truly successful in making the audience love their contents. All of these people are equally important and their work cannot be undermined in any way or the other.