Two storey house extension to the rear

Two storey house extension to the rear

The main idea of the architect is to make the existing houses much simpler with the help of clear roof lines, and the process of connecting the complete new dimensions of extension to the already build houses. The interior or exterior for 2 storey rear extension ideas and spaces which are newly constructed are built in such way that they can have the maximum passive solar gain and they should also have the mesmerizing view of lakes and mountains. As the complete area get impacted with these extension ideas, so one needs to plan things in such a way that these impacts can be minimized. Let’s see what are the materials which are used in these extensions?

The material used in extension:

There are different types of material which are used in extension ideas. And it depends on the area which is getting extended that which material will be used such as.


In this, the roof is proposed to be made again by re-roofing the existing dwelling in a membrane of either metal or some people do prefer to have PVC too. People do prefer to have the standing seams and sometimes they do use tight lying semi-circular gutters.

double storey extension


 If one is planning to have the exterior insulation then existing walls need to be covered and they should be done with cement render to give them complete finish. Except for some parts of the house like the main chimney the existing stone clad parts will not be visible anywhere else. And from the main existing entrance, the moderately rotten timber cladding will completely be removed. The vertically clad in untreated wood timbers need to be in a curved shape of the extension such as Douglas fir which will help to match the perfect color of the roof with the new extension.


Keeping the safety measures in mind the unfinished existing wooden terraces which have no safety railings especially in north, west, and east of the house need to be removed. The extension of the basement and bedrooms will surely create a solid base for a terrace especially at the ground level which does have a complete view of the lake. And to make it completely secured the terrace can be only accessed from the house.

These are some of the ides of rear extension in two story houses which is used by the people and do give houses a completely new look with all safety measures in priority.