In 1962, the struggling People’s Liberation Army of China was developing its own main battle tank using the shared knowledge from their once formidable ally, the Soviet Union which at that time was slowly crumbling due to internal turmoil. The development of the 112-tank started in that year which aimed to feature the components and the parts of a hybrid between a medium and heavy armor to provide more maneuverability and speed in the battlefield.

At first, it was only planned in the blueprints where it led to the development of tank 113 of the Chinese army bypassing the once planned development of this tank.

After the ties between China and the Soviet Union began to fade, China had to survive on its own that is why its army sought to develop their own version of their heavy main battle tanks in order for them to become fully free of depending on Soviet hardware and armaments. It was also some sort of preemptive measures for them in case their botched alliance with the Soviet Union escalated into a full-scale war, thus they develop the 112-tank to counter the T-10’s and the IS-3 tanks.

The crew placement of the tank was very similar to the IS-2 which was deviated from the Chinese standards, and because of its engine size, it had to be mounted in longitude position as opposed the standard transversely-mounted engines that are common that time in Soviet and Chinese main battle tanks.

With regards to its ammunition, it was stored on either side of the hull beside the driver while there are also added fuel tanks at the flooring of the tank to provide more space and an operational range of the fighting compartment and increase its fuel capacity up to 400-kilometers in a single battle.

Its main gun is the 120-millimeter smoothbore cannon that replaced the erstwhile planned 152-millimeter cannon, but according to war historians, it was very unlikely considering that the level of the Chinese weapons industry at that time was in pretty bad shape.

The 112-tank for most Chinese officers during that time was more of a tier eight version of the 113. In World of Tanks, it is a formidable heavy armor that can crush any enemy on its way because of its 120-millimeter smoothbore guns perfect for brawling. Also, the 112-tank is a tough armor to crack especially in its front and virtually has no weak spots.

To use this tank from the Chinese tech tree and the Premium Shop, you should update the game at patch 9.17.1 from the update of 9.15.

To learn more about the Chinese 112-tank, here are some of its most notable pros and cons:

PROSt-10 in WoT

  • Good alpha damage
  • Good alpha damage
  • Good view range WoT 112.
  • Tough upper hull plate and front turret
  • Surprisingly strong lower frontal plate


  • Low rate of fire
  • Poor accuracy
  • Long aim time
  • Poor penetration from its main guns
  • Side armor is not that reliable when side scraping

Overall, the WoT 112 tank is a good tank to push and face an enemy head-on because of its front armor that is excellent that it literally bounces off any armor-piercing rounds thrown at it, but the downside, it has some poor accuracy, low rate of fire and weak guns that need to be aimed and fired in a short distance. When you use the Chinese 112-tank, you should have some savvy skills to pile up your kills.