Treating Anxiety at night before bed for sound sleep

Treating Anxiety at night before bed for sound sleep

Anxiety is a feeling or emotion that creeps into the minds of different individuals. It creates a sense of turmoil within the person, which makes him/her restless and fidgety. Many people confuse anxiety with fear. However, the two are psychologically quite different. In case of fear, the individual dreads an actual situation or the occurrence of a real event while in case of anxiety, the individual dreads a future situation, which may not even occur in reality. Anxiety usually contains overreaction and confusion as an integral part. When anxiousness and panic occurs regularly, the individual is said to be suffering from anxiety disorder and is then advised to consult a psychologist or therapist. Anxiety at night before bed is common in almost every part of the world as night time before bed, is usually the time when an individual feels philosophical and starts thinking about the different aspects in his/her life.

Treatment of anxiety

Anxiety can be quite serious at times and hence needs to be treated before the situation goes out of hand. Some of the important techniques that may be employed in order to reduce anxiety are as follows:

  • Stress reduction is very important in order to do away with anxiety. Time management and meditation helps to cool the mind to a great extent and reduce stress.
  • One should exercise on a regular basis to keep the body and mind fresh. This helps get rid of negative thoughts and replaces it with positive ones.
  • Support from other people helps to a great extent. Talking about problems helps to reduce it greatly. The social support provider may also give good advice and suggestions. Therapists and other psychologists are consulted for this purpose.
  • Medication can also be resorted to if no other solution works. This should, however, be the last option and used in extreme situation.
  • Reducing the consumption of alcohol and drugs can also help deal with Anxiety at night before bed

Seeking help to deal with anxiety is not something an individual should refrain from trying out. Sleepless nights can lead to even bigger problems such as reduction in work efficiency and the decrease in the ability to think rationally and take sound decisions. One problem may lead to another. This is why the root cause itself must be eliminated. Psychology has witnessed major changes and has advanced greatly. New techniques and methods have been developed for addressing and treating several problems and the patient is most likely to get satisfactory results.