Tips to get the most from your carpet investment

Tips to get the most from your carpet investment

Buying a carpet is a costly thing, especially when it has to cover major areas of the house. The first step in getting the most out of your investment in a carpet is to carefully select the best carpet in your budget. Apart from that there are a few things to be taken care at every step starting from buying to carpeting to maintenance:

Guide on carpet care:

  1. Choosing a quality carpet is very simple. By bending the carpet, if you are able to see the backing, it indicates that the carpet is made from low density. Hence there are more chances of getting crushed easily. For this, of course your budget does matter.
  2. Once the carpeting is laid, getting it cleaned properly adds to its life. Cleaning the heavy duty places at least 2 times per week and the rest of the area once a week should be fine. A good vacuum cleaner also plays a role.
  3. Right carpet Pad is also essential. While a high density and thick pad will ensure a long life, you should also be sure what density and thickness is needed in which areas.
  4. Get a professional hot water cleaner at least 1-2 times in a year with rinsing at high pressure. You can also ask for stain removal, deodorizing etc.
  5. Repairing: This is an essential step to maintain the life of the carpet. Depending on the problem, either do the repair or get a professional. But the point is to do it quickly to avoid further damage. For example, if the pet has passed urine, get it cleaned immediately, else it could damage the fiber and color of the carpet.


While these are some tips on increasing the life of your carpet, the basic idea is to be careful about its purchase and maintenance on a regular basis. With this, you will be able to avoid many problems and being heavy on pocket too. You may also opt for laminate flooring. A good quality of wood is very essential. In order to avoid bumps caused by moisture or water and wood damage due to bugs, getting the right quality is essential. However, it is costly and scarce too. Thus, the laminate flooring is used. The laminate flooring is also made up of real wood, but with higher quality finishing. It can now be laid at your old home and give it a rich look.