The hottest trend of any celebrity or the girl next door would be a tote slung on her shoulder or clutched in crook of arm or casually in the grip of the palms. Every magazine or paparazzi would click pictures of celebrities carrying tote bags when shopping, going to the gym or elsewhere. This has made the common public to jump the bandwagon and follow suit. The big designer labels now have realised that their other collections such as the purse, clutch, satchel and other vanity bags will be contention with the tote and hence they too have plunged head on in making tote into their collection. Now you can buy designer totes. Check out and buy the best ones in town from Linnen tas bedrukken.

How the popularity rose

Tote bags have been there for long and in certain cultures it is part of every household and used by every member of the family for certain usage such as shopping for fruits and vegetables, carrying other items and clothes. These bags were simple ones made from cotton, jute or old clothes. It was a bag with two large handles on either side. Usually stitched or press on hooks until recently. These bags now have a special place as they helped to carry a lot of things around d which would be impossible to do with hands or other bags. These were cheap and easily available. Go and purchase best tote bags in town from Linnen tas bedrukken.

vanity bags

These bags can be slung from shoulder and have enough space for all your things. Now people can wear it as a fashion accessory to every office bag. From grocery shopping bag to your sleepover or gym bag. Now kids also can have a good and tough tote bags to school. This way tote bags are now in every walk of life. You can easily take things out from a tote bag as it is larger in size and usually does not have intricated locking set up. Yet it is easy to pop so many things.

You can find tote bags in many materials which were initially just cotton now you can have leather, canvas, jeans, printed, textured, hand painted, embroidered tote bags that are in vogue by all age groups. These can be hand crafted and you can now see so many do it yourself video on you tube and get an idea of making any kind of tote bag that you would want to carry or sell. The making of tote bags does not need too much of sewing skills, and only basic ones will do to make so a simple tote bag, more fancy ones may require a little more effort.