Need To Know Benefits Of Quartz Worktops

Need To Know Benefits Of Quartz Worktops

Quartz countertops are currently the favorite choice for many homeowners.  In the 19th century, few people knew let alone bought quartz countertops. The story changed completely since the beginning of the 20th century with sales rising by more than 60 percent. The reasons for quartz worktops gaining more exposure and selling better as years go on are obvious. For those who aren’t yet convinced that counter tops made from quartz are the real deal, here are some unique features and benefits of quartz that have contributed to its progressive increase in demand and popularity.

Solid and Resilient

Quartz counter tops are artificially created under high-end technologies that guarantee unequaled solidity and durability. They are composed of 90 percent quartz and only 10 percent colored pigments and binding polymers. The enormous quartz content present in this material makes it extra strong and long-lasting.  Owing to its unequaled solidity and strength, quartz counter tops can efficiently withstand overheating and resist stains, scratches, and chips. In short, if you are looking for a durable counter top material that will serve you for decades, quartz is exactly what you need.

Quartz Worktops

Color and Texture Uniformity

Quartz is available in multiple texture and color variations.  Unlike other natural stones, quartz exhibits a great level of pattern, look, and color uniformity. The feel and look of quartz counter tops are the same all through.  Quartz counter tops are artificially manufactured, the reason their uniformity in color and feel are guaranteed. Those who would rather opt for counter tops that offer uniformity in styling and look can never go wrong with worktops made of quartz.

Multiple Styling Options

The fact that worktops engineered from quartz are artificially made means they can be crafted into different styles and aesthetic designs.  They are available in virtually every home decor and styling option existing. If you are specific about patterns and color, you can choose from the huge variety of options ranging from natural brown, matte, lime green, shiny finish to dark black. The choice you make simply depends on your styling and decor preferences.

They are Nonporous

Quartz is nonporous. So, it doesn’t include cracks or holes that could allow the penetration of liquids and spills. The mere fact it’s nonporous also means that it can efficiently resist stains, scratches, and cuts.   Also, since quartz does not get cracked or scratched easily, it’s a bit difficult for germs, bacteria, and viruses to build up in the counter top.  The nonporous nature of this man made stone also makes it easier to clean and maintain in good shape.


Though not as common and in demand as granite counter tops, worktops made of quartz are still quite popular today.  Quartz outsmarts every other stone when it comes to durability, styling, versatility and reliability. After deciding that quartz worktops are the way to go and you decide to hunt for natural stone fabricators and installers, you should opt for trustworthy and reliable specialists like worktop factory. We have more than 10 years of experience fabricating, selling, and installing high-quality natural stone worktops. We always dedicate into making sure we deliver higher quality workmanship and premier products at the best rates in the market. You can get in touch with us to get clearer details about our services.