How to get best rates and save on home shifting

How to get best rates and save on home shifting


Although you have limited time, call few moving companies to get quotes and information about the services that they provide. Get a written estimate from Kompassumzug Thun, meet few vendors in person, check online reviews and ratings, ask your friends and compare appropriately before deciding. Proper research is necessary before giving advance or hiring someone.

Pack minimum, which is needed:

It might be required to leave out some boxes for the first few days in the new place. Label the boxes correctly and use only those boxes which are clean and which is appropriate for the task. It is recommended to have few small boxes than to use the big, heavy and sturdy ones. Pack items like clothes, books, toiletries and a few kitchen items which would be needed on the trip or when you are going to the new place. Pack all the bulky items, breakables, and the electronic equipment on your own with the movers.

Never pack the items listed below:

  • Flammable and explosives
  • Perishable
  • Poisonous

Take half-day break for arranging the move 

Before doing anything else, you will need to do research and find out the reputable moving companies or Kompassumzug Thun. Then you require arranging the in-house estimates for the move with the chosen companies.

Some companies will not be helpful for accommodating the estimates and the move in a short notice.

Save money on company’s fees:

Kompassumzug Thun

Before hiring any company, always do a survey and then hire. Check the extra hidden cost or fees. You can also save money through bargaining. Check all the best possible ways to save money before finalizing a company. Proper research will help in getting you reasonable rates.

Save money on renting a truck:

Renting a truck is not a complicated task, and if you know what size and type of vehicle you want to hire, you can save a lot of money. Knowing your luggage volume and type, and then deciding its carriers can save a lot of money.

Sell old clutter:

Always sell the old and unwanted stuff. Never carry the unnecessary burden with you; this will cause you extra expense only. You can sell off old items, clothes, furniture, etc.; this will enable you to make more cash.

Do some packing on your own:

While traveling you can carry few light items along with you; you can do the packing of these items on your own.This would save you from shelling out extra for having these items packed and shifted.