How Minoxidil Can Help Regrow Hair

How Minoxidil Can Help Regrow Hair

Most people can be concerned with hair loss. For them, it could have a drastic impact on their overall look and personality. The good news is that while there are various reasons for hair loss, there are also various ways to treat it. If you are suffering from hair loss, you must be looking for the Best shampoo for hair growth. While minoxidil is used for treating hair loss, it can also be effective for hair growth.

Minoxidil and Hair Growth

Minoxidil is effective for hair growth because it widens the blood vessels and opens potassium channels. This allows them to scoop more oxygen and allow nutrients to reach hair follicles. It brings about the shedding of hair follciles in their telogen phase replacing them with thicker hairs in a new anagen phase. Although it is known to be effective in hair loss treatment and hair regrowth, it is less effective in large areas of hair loss in the scalp. It can only be effective in central or vertex hair loss.

How Minoxidil Works In Hair Growth

Minoxidil has been found effective for treating male patients of baldness. The best menoxidil for hair growth can deliver moderate to dense hair growth on the crown of the head. Although it does not work for everyone, a study revealed that 39% of men found it effective for hair regrowth. FDA has given its stamp of approval to minoxidil for treating baldness among men. The non-prescription sale of 5% minoxidil solution has also been approved by the FDA.

Using Minoxidil for Growing Hair

Here are some reminders when using minoxidil for growing hair:

  • Before using the minoxidil solution, wash your scalp with mild shampoo and dry your hair and scalp.
  • Apply the minoxidil solution and let it stay on the scalp for at least 4 hours prior to washing
  • Wash your hands immediately after application of minoxidil
  • Apply on the scalp twice a day or more depending on the doctor’s prescription
  • Check the exact dosage instruction on the dosage label of the medicine or consult your doctor

Side Effects of Using Minoxidil

  • Burning of eyes or eye irritation, itching, or redness in the treated area where minoxidil has been applied
  • Growth of unwanted hair in some other parts of the body
  • Dizziness, chest pain, painting, fast heartbeat, swollen hands or feet, sudden weight gain

Make sure to immediately contact your physician if you experience the side effects mentioned above after taking minoxidil.