HAIM and the Independent Music Scene

HAIM and the Independent Music Scene

In recent decades, there have been several inspiring musical acts that produce legitimate songs. Very rarely does one feel a certain reticence and reminder of the past than the band, HAIM. Looking at music blog on the internet, what was once an independent band has now signed up with the major music labels of Roc National, Polydor and Columbia Records but they were nowhere near leaving their roots of indie-rock sound behind.They gained popularity with the songs The Wire, Little of Your Love, Something to Tell You and I Want You Back.

Introduction to Independent Music

Just as abstract as music is, independent music has both its definition in style and in exposure; in reality, both are intertwined. Independence suggests an outside perspective where it has a small place in the mainstream of music. Other genres under indie are pop rock and guitar pop rock. In the US, this kind of music connotes grunge and punk revival bands while in the UK, these are BritPop bands. Usually, music acts like indie get to write original music for themselves without being provided by additional instruments or studio sounds. This makes them extremely diverse and open to sound experimentation. Consider that those who are channeling independent music focus more on the art of writing—rather than what is better to write for profit.

Eclectic Tunes, Not Indie

Some soul searching can get you carried away to Coachella or Glastonbury but chances are these festivals have indie front acts while mainstream artists get the main events. In music blog fashion,the reasons why faithful fans stay true to indie music is a sense of so-called stubborn identity with the styles of music that are not expected to fade. But is this really the case? An undeniable truth is that some known ‘indie’ music is shockingly not indie at all. The topic of the article is our case in point. HAIM had just emerged from its popularity from 2013 to its latest break in 2017 and within that time of playing music since 2007, improvement of sound and lyrics has made them into an almost cultural influence.

The Independent Stereotype

Notion of independent music stems from understanding of it. These are not just the left-out bands that labels refuse to work with. While some admit to aiming for mainstream labels, it has to do more of the dominance in its industry and the opportunity to play for a lot of people. Indie artists have an impressive number of sales with its part of 30 percent holding onto its major labor contemporaries, according to music blog. Standing on their own is part of the pride as artists but part of being professional means paying the bills and in this case, a good deal with the right company should not be a bad choice either.

Lastly, the independent music scene is fairly much as tainted as the mainstream, although it happens in smaller doses and in quieter tones. From the initial tuning of HAIM into our radios, let us remember how engaging and innovative their sound is compared to other artists of their generation. One cannot help but hope that this slither of independent music would stick to itself and grow more sublimely into their musical identity.