There are a number of physical exercises that can also be a combination of the music sessions that can guarantee a happy session of the dynamic stretching skills.



  1. scorpion-this is the position that can be the best in terms of the exercise that can be done with the opposite manner of the leg crossover positions that can also follow the same movements but everything just facing the face in a downward manner. One can get the exercise done in a manner of the “t” formations that can also help with the facing towards the floor. This must be followed with the rolling of the body that must be positioned to left in such a manner that one can go with the right heel coming in the position across the entire body that is positioned towards the left hand. This can also be done with the return and repeat positions that can be done on the other side. There is a need to go with the following of the 10 reps that can also be done with the following of the oblique, a number of the hip flexors as well as the quads that can help a lot.
  2. Frog walk-in- this is yet another dynamic stretching activity that is a wonderful idea for the opening up of the hips as well as upper hamstrings. There is a need to go with the push-up positions that can actually help with the bringing up of the right foot to outside position of the right hand. All one needs to do is to take the position of sitting on the hips and going for the position of stretching in a downward fashion that can again be followed by returning to starting positions as well as repetition of the entire posture with the other leg. There is a need to go about 10 reps on a total basis.
  3. Frog walk-in twist- this is an incredible posture that can be in the form of the twisting progressions from the “frog walk-in” exercises. This is a pretty exercise that can be followed in a manner beginning with the push-up positions where one needs to go with the bringing of one foot inwards that can be again followed by the rotation of the back foot in a position to make it totally flat to the floors and getting it twisted so that it can be later opened to the side. The exercise can prove to be a great idea to bring the strength of the muscle.


The stretching activities that are taught at the hub the “your house fitness” can be the best for developing a healthy lifestyle. Such a lifestyle can keep one healthy each and every day.