Different Types of watches Online

Different Types of watches Online

Most of the people in this world own a watch. Moreover, for those who don’t, should buy a wristwatch at once. Although the primary function of a watch is to show the time, yet there are different varieties of watches to choose from. Not all of them are of the same type. Some of them are different from the others. Here, we have discussed the main types of watches that you should know about before buying any watch.

digital watch

Analog watch

Analog watches have been present from olden days. The type of watches has been used since the early times. These watches are usually basic. These watches have a display with miniature clock-face. These clocks have an hour hand, a minute hand and some watches have a second hand as well. Analog watches usually come with traditional numbers or roman numerical. It consists of a dial which rotates around the center. The position of the dial is used to know the current time. One full rotation of the second dial is said to be one minute and one full rotation of the minute hand is know as 1 hour.

Digital Watch

A digital watch is different from the analog watch. In a digital watch, there are no dials or symbols. Instead, there are digits that are displayed on the screen of the watch. Digital watches are usually referred to as electronic drives. Analog, as well as digital clocks can be driven either mechanically or electronically.

Automatic Watch

Automatic watches are those that continue to work normally due to the motion of the wrists of the people wearing the watch. There is no need of windings in an automatic watch. Its energy is stored in a rotor which is actually a half-disc metal weight, and which spins on the movement of the arm. The power of the watch is provided by the energy that lets the watch to continue rotating even when the watch is not worn. The stored energy provides enough charge to the watch so that it can work for 24 to 48 hours without any problem. Automatic watches can also be called as self-winding watches.


Wearing a watch a makes you look smarter and classier. Watches are not only for the looks. It is easier to look at the watch than to look at your mobile phone. There are many types of watches. Only the main types of watches have been mentioned here. For more information on such stuff and wristwatch guides, the vincero watch guide can be helpful for you.