Benefits of Dog Beds

Benefits of Dog Beds

The dog bed is one of the most important accessories we need to invest in, before we think of getting a dog at home. Many people think that it is just an expensive trend amongst dog owners to show off. But that is not true. The bed not only serves as a place for the dog to sleep, but it also gives many psychological and physical benefits to the dog. It allows them to enjoy some alone and my time in their own cosy space like human beings. Linked here is the number of benefits of  why one should invest in dog beds.

Good for physical development:

dog bedSleeping on the floor or on a mat is harmful to the dog’s posture in the long run. The hard floor can lead to restless sleep which has an adverse effect on its overall health. A soft place to rest is of great importance for overweight dogs and old dogs with weak or arthritic joints. There are specially made orthopaedic beds to give extra joint support and comfort. The hard uneven floor can cause further distress to their already crippling physique.

Protection from the weather:

Dogs like humans need protection from cold and heat. Sleeping on the floor during winter exposes them to low temperatures. This is not good for their health and they may fall sick. Similarly, hot summer months can also affect them adversely. A variety of beds with temperature controlling feature are available which keep them comfortable in all seasons.

Preserves Furniture:

Dog’s fur is not a pleasant sight on sofas, rugs and beds. To avoid this it is advisable for dog owners to go for dog beds, which keeps all its fur and can be easily cleaned.

Injury prevention:

Dog beds help prevent injuries. The dogs do not have to jump up and down from a high furniture causing injury to their bones and joints. This is especially beneficial for smaller breeds and older dogs.

Comfortable sleep:

With separate beds, both the owner and dog can have comfortable sleep. It might be adorable to make the dog sleep in the same bed, but it may get annoying after a while. The fur left behind can also cause respiratory complications in kids and people allergic to fur.

Need for own space:

 Dogs usually sleep for about 10 to 12 hours a day. So they need to have their own space where they can curl up and rest. It also makes them feel safe and comfortable.

Seeing these benefits, a dog owner should definitely go for a comfortable bed for their most trusted friend.