As one of the best cameras in the world, 4k camcorders have different features that are not only enticing but also gives the user what he wants. It comes in different models and different prices. There are many things you need to know about each of them so as to chose the one that suits your goal. Through this 4k cam reviews, you will know the features and what each of the camcorder can do. The 4k camcorders to be reviewed are:

Sony FRR-AX53

This is the 3rd of its type to be released. It has a big body mass and it  is designed to get sound from five different directions. This is made possible because of the 5.1-channel microphone. This 4k camcorder can capture videos at 26.8mm wide-angle.It has NFC and Wi-Fi connection. These connections help to other electronic devices such as smartphones and tablet to control it. It has a large screen playback from HDMI output port connection. Users of this camcorder can get a video portion that is recorded in an image frame. The videos can also be enlarged to fill the whole screen in a good HD quality. The lens uses a dual surfaces. These two surfaces permits 33-degree viewing angle. Live streaming to USTREAM is supported with Sony FDR-AX53.

4k Panasonic Camcorder

The 4k cam reviews on Panasonic HC-WXF991K indicated that this camera is ultra powerful. All camera users can comfortably make use of it. It composed of two identical cameras found at the side of the LCD monitor. This LCD monitor can be used for two-angle recordings because of the 270° panning and ±20° tilting. Users can adjust its settings manually. It is powered through the Crystal Engine 4K image processor. Images can be extracted from 4k video frames using it.  It also has built-in editing tools.


Its images are of high quality because of the high megapixel resolution–0.24” EVF with 1.56. Even in broad daylight, the user can capture images of high quality. The LCD monitor screen is designed to have a 920,000 pixel panel. There is no need for a cable because of the presence of electrical contacts. These electrical contacts grants permission of audio signals to the unit.

Panasonic HC-VX981K

A very easy to use camcorder Has high video quality. The lens is protected and it has camera light that is used as flash light. You can find more 4k cam reviews on http://epfilms.tv/best-4k-consumer-camcorders-video-cameras/.