Comparison between Free vs. Premium WordPress Themes

Comparison between Free vs. Premium WordPress Themes

When you will get something free then why will you pay for something? A lot of variety is available in the free WordPress themes also. But the difference is about the quality. Using a free WordPress theme will always show a link in the footer, which may destroy your reputation of the business. There are lots of other features available which will tell you about the difference between free and premium WordPress themes. Below we will discuss it:


Free WordPress Themes offers you a limited number of features, and if you are looking for something particular then you have to wait until the theme developer will add the features on the theme. Whereas Premium WordPress Themes are easily accessible, according to your needs, the developer will add the features. Features like High-Quality Code, more flexible customization, SEO optimization, full support, implement the greatest and latest web standards and much more is provided by the developer in the Premium WordPress Themes.


SEO is the most important part in the WordPress themes. Free WordPress Themes have structures bug and some of them offer SEO inbuilt option. But in the Premium WordPress Themes, you will get it undoubtedly and it will help in lowering down plugin. Without the help of SEO, it is very difficult for your website to rank high.

Support and Updates

WordPress is always upgrading their technologies and software. To get a high rank, it is always very important to make an up gradation in your website. Free WordPress Themes are developed by the designers, who are a hobbyist or doing these themes as a side project. So, you need to wait for a long time, that when will the developers upgrade the theme. But in the case of Premium WordPress Themes, the developers will always there to support you. They will give you the information about the updates and all latest features that are included in the WordPress. But In the case of free WordPress Themes, you cannot expect any free support.

Encrypted links

This is the most awkward feature of free WordPress theme. It will come up with a link, on the footer which looks unclean. But if you have the ability to choose it correctly then it will be a great advantage of SEO. If you are using the Premium WordPress Themes then you have not to face this problem.

These are the some common dissimilarity you will notice between the free and premium WordPress Themes.